No time for nutritious meals? Skipping meals to lose weight?
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Get SPIRU-TEIN High Protein Energy Shakes from Energy Drink Suppliers Malaysia, the No. 1 meal replacement and best selling plant-based protein energy shake in the America!

How SPIRU-TEIN helps?

SPIRU TEIN High Protein Energy Shake
SPIRU-TEIN Protein Shake Energy Drink is fast! And perfectly designed for our fast-paced times. SPIRU-TEIN gives you complete control over your valuable time. Total nutrition on demand.
Nutritious Meal in a minutes
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The key to effective dieting is to focus on healthier habits rather than unsustainable diets. Every serving of SPIRU-TEIN gives calorie and carb counters the appetite satisfaction and the healthy feeling they seek. And, used every day as part of a sensible dietary plan, SPIRU-TEIN puts weight management goals within easier reach.
Delicious Dieting
Protein Energy Shake
SPIRU-TEIN  is the nutritious way to attain higher level of energy. SPIRU-TEIN's potent protein, interlaced with an active blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, helps support your body's ability to perform at its best. SPIRU-TEIN – energy when you need it most!
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SPIRU-TEIN provide you these 3 solutions.

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Spirulina + Protein = SPIRU-TEIN

High in protein, rich in flavor and power packed nutrition - that's SPIRU-TEIN®!

SPIRU-TEIN Protein Shake Energy Drink is the high energy, high nutrition answer for anyone seeking total health and vitality. Fully imported and manufactured in U.S by Nature's Plus, SPIRU-TEIN High Protein Energy Shakes is the only shakes with such an impressive history of loyal customer satisfaction by delivering world-famous incredibly delicious taste sensations since 1986, providing superior quality plant-based protein, together with the added benefits of spirulina, vitamins, minerals, diet aids, enzymes, and fiber, which will effectively fill the needs of everyone seeking a great-tasting, high quality protein formulation. For dieters, athletes, anyone on the go, SPIRU-TEIN is the world's most complete high protein energy meal.

SPIRU-TEIN's dedication to time-honoured, proven quality delivers the healthful, energizing fulfilment you need to revitalize your senses and enjoy life to the fullest!

SPIRU-TEIN High Protein Energy Shakes is our best-selling product of all times due to its delicious taste as well as its function as a nutritious meal replacement. Imagine having to replace unhealthy meal to a more delicious yet wholesome Protein Shake Energy Drink, you wouldn't want to miss that, right? As an Energy Drink Suppliers Malaysia, we know the best product for our clients health.

In addition, this SPIRU-TEIN Protein Shake Energy Drink also comes in two flavors, double fudge as well as exotic red fruit especially for the sweet tooth without added sugar. This nourishing and invigorating High Protein Energy Shakes powder texture is silky and smooth that makes it taste so good. As Energy Drink Suppliers Malaysia, we can guarantee you that this drink is the best drink for losing weight without losing your taste-bud.

Success Stories

Success Stories David Caruso David Caruso, Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania, USA
Spiru-tein Protein Shake Energy Drink Changed My Life and Fulfilled My Dreams!

At the age of 32 and a father of 2 young boys, David weighed an overwhelming 525 pounds. He decided to reduce his weight after he found out a disheartening prediction on a website. By answering a few lifestyle questions, the website predicted that he could reasonably expect to live only another two or three year because of his obesity. He also felt that his health had started to deteriorate....
Main Ingredients

Spiru-tein High Protein Energy Shakes formulations feature a unique blend of ingredients that contain the complete broad spectrum of protein complex, including:
Brown Rice   Pea

  100% or more DAILY VALUE of All vitamins suggested by FDA

  BROAD PROFILE of Essential Minerals


Energy Drink Suppliers Malaysia: Green Wellness

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