"SPIRU" - Spirulina - What is that?

Nutrition Diet Powder for Weight Reduction: SPIRU-TEIN Green Wellness

"SPIRU" refers to SPIRULINA, a blue-green algae.

Spirulina - Nutrition Diet Powder
  • Supply your body with 46 essential nutrients (include: 2 essential fatty acids, 10 amino acids, 14 vitamins, 20 minerals)
  • 46 essential nutrients are required for the normal functioning of our body that cannot be synthesized by the body and must be obtained through our diet.
  • 1g Spirulina=960g Mixed vegetables & fruits'nutrients
  • Is a type of blue-green algae, recognized by nutritional expert as "Super nutritious food for the future"
Spirulina is being recognized by nutritional experts from United Nation, USA, China, Japan, Germany, Mexico, WHO as the most complete & ideal source of nutrients
  • Recommended by FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization of the United State) as "The most ideal food of the 21st century"
  • UNESCO recommends "It's the most ideal and complete food of tomorrow"
  • The '72 International Conference on Micro-Protein Substances: "The Super Nutritious Food of the Future."
  • The '74 UN World Foodstuff Conference acknowledges: "Super Nutritious Food."
  • UN World Foodstuff Association commends: "The Most Ideal Source of Nutrition of the 21st Century."
  • World Health Organization affirms: "The Best Health Food of Mankind in the 21st Century."
  • FDA of the U.S. A affirms: "One of the best sources of protein."
  • Health Association of Japan announces: "One of 38 types of healthy products."
  • Health Food Association of Japan describes it as "Quality health food."
  • Health Ministry of China affirms:"First batch of health food."
  • China's "National Scientific Committee" affirms:"The country's Star Fire Item."
  • China's "National Education Committee recommends: "lunch food for secondary and primary school pupils."
  • The United States National Cancer Institute identifies as "anti-cancer, anti-cancer drug"
  • United States National health care centres identify as "the latest health care products for anti-cancer, anti-cancer & prevent cardiovascular diseases"
  • US, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been using Spirulina as an important food source for Astronauts for the last 30 years.
  • United Nation (IIMSAM) promotes the use of Spirulina to combat hunger and malnutrition in the World and help achieve sustainable development.
  • Government of Mexico advices to include at least 5% of Spirulina in their children's diet daily.
  • Government of Germany advices to use spirulina as a food, recommended to all elderly, children and women
  • Olympic athletes consume at least 20% - 40% of Spirulina in their diet.

The word "SPIRU" derives from the word Spirulina which means blue-green algae that is compacted in a Nutrition Diet Powder in order to provide consumers a great Plant Based Diet Protein Supplements. SPIRU-TEIN Energy Drink truly is a great innovation for those that need fast meal but refuse to take heavy meal instead. Due to this, Green Wellness is the trustworthy Supplier of this amazing product of Nutrition Diet Powder.

Since algae is has been known as the 'super-food' for decades to people thus the Plant Based Diet Protein Supplements are great measures to increase endurance to consumers. At Green Wellness, we believe in this Energy Drink thus we as the Supplier highly recommend the SPIRU-TEIN to keep one's health at a healthy pace.
Spirulina - the green miracle, truly super food

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Energy Drink Supplier
(gram to gram)
3 x Fish
3 x Beef
Promotes healing, increase metabolism, regulate blood sugar level, muscle repair.
4 x Corn
Assist in constipation, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar level
25 x Carrot
Prevent from free radical, inhibit the growth of tumor cell, support eye health
28 x cow liver
56 x spinach
Body needs iron to make the oxygen-carrying protein- hemoglobin.
20 x wheat grass
Balance the PH level,detoxify and anti-inflammation
Vitamin B12
2.5 x Cow liver
Prevent from pernicious anemia, reduce blood lipids level
Vitamin A
4.5 x Milk
Protect eye and skin health, increase immune system
Vitamin E
3 x Wheat germ
Anti-oxidant, support heart health
Essential Fatty Acid(GLA- gamma linoleic acid)
3 x Evening Primrose Oil
2 x Breast Milk
Anti-inflammation, prevent atherosclerosis, reduce cholesterol, support the development of brain tissue
Superoxide Dismutase
As high as 531,000IU
Antioxidant, prevent aging, to clarify the skin and clear the pigmentation.

1g spirulina = 1000g, mixture of (5 colours) fruits and vegetable
8g spirulina = Can survive for 40 days!!

Spirulina Clinical trial shown it may assist in various chronic disease.

1. Cholesterol reduction1-5
2. Anti-tumour, inhibit Cancer cell6-11
3. Prevent cancer12-14
4. Enhance immune system15-17
5. Reduce kidney poisons from mercury and drugs18-19
6. Diabetes20
7. Hypertension21
8. Increase wound healing22-25
9. Benefits for malnourished children26-30
10. Anemia31-33
  11. Inhibit AIDS virus34-36
12. Weight Loss37
13. Reduce the effects of radiation38
14. Allergic Rhinitis39
15. Increase brain function and brain capacity40-41
16. Cataract42
17. Intestinal ulcer, peptic ulcer44
18. Constipation44
19. Increase good bacterial, support digestive health44
20. Liver damaged and liver disorder45

Click here for "Spirulina - Clinical Trial Reference".

Nutrition Diet Powder for Weight Reduction: SPIRU-TEIN Green Wellness