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Spiru-tein Changed My Life and Fulfilled My Dreams

As a result of his successful weight loss story, Oprah Winfrey invited David to her "Incredible Weight Loss Stories" show in 2003. She even made his dream come true by giving him his dream car, a Porsche and that moment is one of Oprah's favourite moments on television. (Youtube link:

At the age of 32 and a father of 2 young boys, David weighed an overwhelming 525 pounds. He decided to reduce his weight after he found out a disheartening prediction on a website. By answering a few lifestyle questions, the website predicted that he could reasonably expect to live only another two or three year because of his obesity. He also felt that his health had started to deteriorate.

After a year of 'hard works', David managed to reduce his weight to 220 pounds. David insists that his weight-loss secrets are no secret at all: exercise, regular medical checkups and a well-rounded, disciplined diet. He changed his eating habits by giving up bread, pastas, pizza, red meat and soft drinks. He chose to add Spiru-Tein protein shake to his diet because Spiru-Tein offers everything he was looking for – high energy, soy protein and a broad profile of vitamins and minerals, and it tastes great without excessive carbohydrates.

David Caruso, Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania, USA

Spiru-tein Changed Spiru-tein Helps to Shed Off Menopausal Weight Gain

I am 48 and my gynaecologist told me my blood work indicates I am menopausal. I was getting really slow and sluggish, with resulting weight gain over the last 2 years. I started getting hot flashes several months ago and in desperation, I started taking lots of soy products. Not only did the hot flashes go away, I have lost 40 pounds and felt twice as energetic. I have a soy protein powder, Spiru-tein brand, mixed in soy milk for breakfast and a soy protein bar for lunch. If I need a snack, I eat a small handful of roasted nuts.

Sue Davis, USA

Best protein powder I've tried

The BEST protein powder I have returned to over the past 10 years. I found that whey powder bloated me, and so did the protein isolate. I also have a problem gaining weight so I must eat regularly just to maintain some weight. I had tried other protein shakes but I always return to Spiru-tein. It gives me energy, can drink it in between meals to hold me over until meal time, is loaded with vitamins, keeps my bowels moving regularly, doesn't bloat me, and tastes great!

Robin, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA

Excellent to Shed Off Extra Pounds

As far as meal replacements go, this one tastes pretty good. It's smoother than any of the other powders I can find. I use it for quick weight loss. A scoop gives about 110 to 130 calories per serving. I've also used it for weight-maintenance as a replacement for breakfast and it is highly effective.

I'm 5'10", male, and typically weigh 165-175 lbs (my personal ideal). I've used this shake to lose 20 lbs and cut the weight in 14 days. The results are quick, the nutrition is in there, and the shakes are pretty filling. Again, the results are fantastic!

J. Avery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Great Way to Get More Protein!

I'm a 50-something woman who's been using strength training at my gym to shed weight, build muscles and strengthen bones. My trainer recommended that I try Spiru-tein shakes after my workout as a low calorie protein boost to help with these goals and to also help mitigate menopausal symptoms. Unlike other soy protein powders I've tried, this one does not taste chalky and it mixes fairly well. To get the two parts protein and one part carbohydrates that are optimal for muscle growth after a workout, I drink the Spiru-tein and eat a banana at the same time. I'm very pleased to report that in the last month I've dropped 2% in my body fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle.

Marlene Simmons, Richford, Vermont, USA

Delicious and I Felt 'FULL'

I absolutely love the Spiru-tein shakes! They are delicious and you do not get hungry after having one of these shakes. I started having one for breakfast in February 2011 and about two days a week my husband and I have one for dinner before we go to the gym. I have lost 81lbs and my husband has lost 40lbs and our daughter has lost 10lbs. These are excellent for healthy weight loss and your hair and nails grow perfectly healthy.

Rebekah, Newport, Michigan, USA

Great Nutrition

Spiru-tein is HANDS DOWN the most awesome protein and vitamin shake I've ever used. Nothing even comes close. It does not spike my blood sugar either. I have Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Anemia, Asthma and Miofacial Pain Syndrome to name only a few problems. There are days when I'm in so much pain I don't want to eat, much less cook anything. I have found that nutrition is a key element in maintaining any quality of life, but before Spiru-tein, it was impossible for me to eat well enough to nourish my poor battered body. Even on days when I don't want to eat at all, just 2 shakes satisfies my needs and takes only seconds to mix up.

Scherry Clarke, USA

Best Tasting Protein Shake Ever

Absolutely love the texture and flavour of Nature's Plus Spiru-tein. It meets the quality and standards I am looking for in a protein shake. I have enjoyed this brand for several years now and highly recommend it. Vitamins do a wonderful job in quick delivery and reasonable prices.

Kristi, Marshville, North Carolina, USA

The Go-to Protein Drink

I love this product. It is the best tasting protein shake I have found on the market. My favourite flavour is Chocolate but I also like the Vanilla and Strawberry. It is easy to mix and doesn't have that powdery taste like some other mixes. I even make it for my kids.

Tamie, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, USA

My Only Choice for A Supplement

The shakes taste good and provide the additional essential nutrients and protein I need to combat mal-absorption after gastric bypass surgery.

John, East Otis, Massachusetts, USA

My Morning Wake Up Drink

I have been making a shake for breakfast every morning for over a year. I love the flavour and have lost a total of 38 lbs. over this past year. I mix 1 cup of almond milk, 1 cup of crushed ice, and a heaping scoop of Spiru-tein in a blender. I would recommend this product to anyone!!

V. Peterson, Spokane, Washington, USA

Great Protein Alternative to Whey or Dairy-Based Proteins

I have used this brand of protein powder off and on for the last 10 years. I have tried other protein powders and though some were as good tasting, they contained dairy. In terms of price, it's as economical as or more so than any other protein powder I've used.

Sharma Dutton, Spokane, Washington, USA

Terrific Protein Powder!

I give this a ten! We have been using it for years and find it the best of all we have tried. Due to medical problems we have to eat very low fat. This powder tastes great, has 14 grams of protein in one serving and is zero grams of fat. It does not leave an after taste like some. We do not use any powders that have whey as I am allergic to that. Most powders require 2 scoops to get the recommended dosage and this uses only one scoop.

Although we may use it sometimes in the morning mixed into orange juice, we most often make some type of smoothies in the afternoon. This gives us a great pick me up and we can eat a light dinner. We mix it with any type of juice we have, a banana, yogurt and berries. Occasionally we might add sorbet and frequently we add several ice cubes. We highly recommend this product.

Sondra Sharee, USA

Wholesome Complete Meal

Spiru-tein thus far meets or exceeds my expectation. I use it as a diet aid in place of normal food. I drink the high energy drinks for three days, then eat one meal, then drink for another three days. I really like it!

Joe, Loganville, Georgia, USA

An Excellent Meal Substitute Any Time of The Day

We love Spiru-tein! It makes a great healthy meal replacement and it fills you up. I am a chocolate lover but I prefer the Vanilla for this product. It is one of the only Vanilla's that doesn't seem too sweet to me. It is the best mixed with milk, even skim milk works. I don't think any other product comes close to flavour and it is packed full of nutrition. This is a product we will always have in the house.

Michele Hagadone, USA

Great for my kids!

I am always trying to get my kids to eat a better breakfast during busy mornings, or to take in more nutrients overall. My teenager and tween both hate veggies and have little time or appetite for big breakfasts in the morning. This has been a great fix, they both fix a shake and drink it while they get ready for school. My teenager even has them on the weekends. My kids love the Vanilla and it does combine much better with milks and fruits. I consider Vanilla Spiru-tein staples in my kitchen, hope I never have to go without. Get some and discover how awake and alert you can be without coffee or soda!

R. Melendez, Germany

Thumbs Up for Awesome Meal Replacement

I use this to replace dinner when I am counting calories. It keeps me from desperately attacking the refrigerator at 10pm. It works great with skim milk or water or whatever other type of liquid you enjoy. Chocolate or Vanilla are my favourites.

Scott Rudd, USA

Great Tasting and Nutritious!

I started using this product because I go on retreats where the diet is vegetarian. I am semi-vegetarian, so a good vegetarian diet does not bother me. However, I find that the meals on these retreats are often lacking in protein. I took Spiru-tein packets to one of the retreats and simply added them to my morning orange juice or a glass of fat free milk with breakfast. They were great. I kept my energy level up, I didn't feel hungry, and the problem I had with my nails breaking on each of the retreats stopped. I started buying the larger container of vanilla and adding a scoop to the smoothies I make myself on the weekends as a special treat (1/2 cup fat free milk, 1 1/2 cups fruit mix of your choice, I serving size container of yogurt, and 1 scoop Spiru-tein). I love it. Understand I am not using this for weight loss. I am using it as a protein and vitamin supplement. For this purpose, I highly recommend it.

JP, Dallas, Texas, USA

High Quality Protein Shake

I had Gastric Bypass (GB) surgery 6 months ago. I've used Spiru-tein daily, which not only supplies many essential vitamins and minerals to my body but high quality and quantity of protein (14g/serving). Protein is essential to GB patients and those losing weight. Unlike other GB patients, I have not lost any of my hair and my complexion looks better than ever! I believe it is all due to Spiru-tein since that is something different I have done which many other GB patients have not.

Candice Fielder, Florence, Alabama, USA