Tri-part Protein

The No.1 best-selling Energy Protein Shake in America

TRI-PART PROTEIN – Experience the healthy new Protein Revolution!

Since the historic launch of SPIRU-TEIN in 1986, Nature's Plus has been the world's foremost innovator in the meal replacement shake category. Now, Nature's Plus is once again revolutionizing the protein powder category with a pioneering new Tri-Part Protein Blend! Featuring rice protein, pea protein, and both non-fermented and fermented soy, this patent pending Tri-Part Protein Blend is the most advanced formulation of its kind, delivering superior vegetarian protein for peak energy and optimal health!

Single Protein Formulas are a thing of the past!

For optimal benefit, the world's experts on protein nutrition have been recommending a variety of protein sources. Recently, nutrition experts, including those from the USDA, US Food and Nutrition Board, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston College, University of Louisville, University of Wisconsin, and many other authoritative institutions have been recommending that people obtain their daily requirements of protein from a variety of dietary sources.
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Line Bar - Nutritious Meal Replacement Shake Due to the rapid movement in our advance technology, single formulas are now can be considered as something obsolete as it had been replaced with the latest tri-part protein. The tri-part protein is a mixture of three important source of proteins which are soy protein, rice protein as well as pea protein condensed in a can of Energy Protein Shake to provide consumers a Nutritious Meal Replacement Shake.

In addition, this is also a great mean of Dietary Supplements for those who are incline of amazing body. This Energy Protein Shake is truly a wondrous found as well as a great Nutritious Meal Replacement Shake. Line Bar - Dietary Supplements Nature's Plus Breakthrough Proprietary Non-GMO Protein Blend contains:
1/3 RICE + 1/3 PEA + 1/3 SOY

with 50% as fermented soy and 50% as protein isolate

This unique, patent-pending blend of SOY, RICE and PEA PROTEINS is vegan, highly digestible, bio-available and complete!

Each all-natural protein in our Tri-Part Protein Blend provides unique nutritional benefits for exhilarating natural health:

SOY PROTEIN, in both fermented and non-fermented forms:
  • Contains a full spectrum of amino acids (complete protein) that support muscle and cardiovascular health
  • Provides antioxidant protection against free radicals

  • Is easily digested
  • Contains essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Is derived from whole-grain brown rice, and promotes the growth, repair and overall health of body tissue

  • Has an impressive profile with branched chain amino acids
  • Supports the immune system
  • Aids in muscle growth and repair
  • Promotes overall health and well-being
This Breakthrough Triple Protein Formula revitalizes your life with boundless energy you can feel! Nature's Plus Tri-Part Protein Blend contains the healthiest, most advanced combination of proteins available. With this cutting-edge formula, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike can easily enjoy the energizing benefits of a thick, luscious triple- protein-based shake!

The Tri-Part Protein Blend's natural proteins are flavor-neutral and devoid of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, so your favorite shake flavors are just as heart-healthy, diet-savvy, and incredibly delicious as ever! And, as always, our low-glycemic protein shakes come power packed with vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, energizing superfoods, and diet boosting nutrients!

The No.1 best-selling Energy Protein Shake in America