Your ultimate choice of Plant Based Protein Powder

Spirulina + Protein = SPIRU-TEIN

High in protein, rich in flavor and power packed nutrition - that's SPIRU-TEIN®!

SPIRU-TEIN is the high energy, high nutrition answer for anyone seeking total health and vitality. Fully imported and manufactured in U.S by Nature's Plus, SPIRU-TEIN is the only shake with such an impressive history of loyal customer satisfaction by delivering world-famous incredibly delicious taste sensations since 1986, providing superior quality plant-based protein, together with the added benefits of spirulina, vitamins, minerals, diet aids, enzymes, and fiber, which will effectively fill the needs of everyone seeking a great-tasting, high quality protein formulation. For dieters, athletes, anyone on the go, SPIRU-TEIN is the world's most complete high protein energy meal.

SPIRU-TEIN's dedication to time-honoured, proven quality delivers the healthful, energizing fulfilment you need to revitalize your senses and enjoy life to the fullest!
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Complete broad spectrum protein complex

SPIRU-TEIN formulations feature a unique blend of ingredients, including:

  • Superior patent-pending TRI-PART PROTEIN BLEND of rice, pea and soy. Soy protein from both fermented and non-fermented soy.
  • 100% of more daily value of all vitamins suggested by FDA
  • Broad profile of essential minerals
  • Energy nutrients from high quality tri-part protein and bee pollen
  • Diet-aids: Lecithin, Spirulina, Choline and Inositol
  • Enzymes: Bromelain and papaya
  • Cleansing: chlorophyll
  • Fiber: Bran, Cellulose and Apple Pectin
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Many had asked, what is SPIRU-TEIN and how it can be beneficial to consumers? Our answer is simple, it is a Plant Based Protein Powder that comprises of natural and vegetarian protein powder for your Healthy Weight Loss.

Usually, healthy food always tastes a bit off from our taste bud, however, SPIRU-TEIN Natural Protein Powder is guaranteed to be of great taste and nutritious in just a cup of this Plant Based Protein Powder.

In addition, to those who is health conscious but want to lose weight, this is certainly the best product for you as it offers Healthy Weight Loss through SPIRU-TEIN Natural Protein Powder.

Your ultimate choice of Plant Based Protein Powder

Natural Protein Powder